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I’m a graduate research assistant working on latency prediction models for AI workloads executed on accelerator hardware enabling fast optimization loops for neural network architecture search (NAS) and pre-silicon hardware evaluation.

My expertise includes:

  • 5+ years of Verilog programming and FPGA synthesis ⚙️⚡
  • 4+ years in Deep Neural Network applications 🤖
  • 4+ years of C/C++ programming for high-performance computing and embedded devices 🖥️
  • 4+ years of Python programming for scientific analysis 🐍🧪

My colleagues describe me as a detail-oriented analytical thinker with a passion for learning new things. I am a team player because I enjoy tackling challenges as a group and discussing problem solutions from different angles to learn from others and share my knowledge.

I am currently working on my PhD thesis at the embedded systems group (Prof. Bringmann) at the University of Tübingen.


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